Dance Fitness – classes offer a relaxed environment where you can really let your inhibitions go, get the results you want, learn some new moves and meet some great people along the way.

The fully A/C Hall rooms of Sintha Dance & Fitness provides the ultimate fitness experience. Sintha Dance & Fitness is renowned as the Best Fitness Centre in Kolkata. Sintha Dance & Fitness is providing the Best Fitness and Slimming solutions to the Fitness Lovers in Kolkata. With an experience of more than 8 years, Sintha Fitness has acclaimed the Number 1 position as the Fitness solutions.

According to DEV, fat reduction is totally brainwork. It is a science. So to reduce fat one has to find not just a proper place to do workout but also a proper guru. So, firstly one has to find a proper guru who would analyse you and design your workout so that you can lose a lot in a short span of time…

Why Dance? Apart from the health benefits of dancing, Sintha Dance & Fitness continuously looks out for outstanding dancers to use for events and TV programmes. We are actively looking for dancers to form dance groups to participate in various events representing Sintha Dance & Fitness. We also provide instructors and choreographers to teach in the corporate environment, schools or other places. Our Kolkata based dance teachers lead not more than 14 students at any one time. The quality of teaching and one-to-one focus helps bring out the best in each student. If you can’t join a regular class because of timings, but are passionate about dance, find out about our dance workshops, where we teach dance forms in a tailor made course designed for you at a higher price.

Meet Our Team

Dev Maity

Founder / Director

Subhankar Sire

Fitness & Yoga teacher

Ajay Sire

Dance Teacher

Tamal Ghosh

Zumba & Hip-Hop Dance Teacher

Karate Sir

Karate Expert

Success Stories

Dance & Fitness
Her name is Sampa, when she came at Sitha Dance & Fitness her weight was more 105 KG, after 3 months she lost more 30 KG.

Last Six months back a girl came to me for admission at Sintha Dance & Fitness her weight was 85 KG. She had many questions and it took 3 months to materlise the lead. If she can do it why not you all.

Fantastic training with highly professional trainer.. from basic to different levels of exercises combination of Zumba, Power Yoga and many more experience.

Reduce 5 Kg in one month … amazing combinations of zumba, power yoga, aerobics, kick boxing and step-up exercise…

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A healthy mind and a healthy body gives you a healthy life. And what can be better then dancing your way towards a healthier life. Zumba gives you one such platform where you can dance your worries away and tune in to a happy life. So we arranged for a grand master class with our esteemed Zins who led our way as we partied (read Zumbaed) while working out. For those 2 hours there weren’t any moms, wives, stressed employees, worried dads. All we saw were some really happy ZUMBA feets.